Our Holistic Security Solutions Provide Peace of Mind.

Security is never simple and threats never one-dimensional. American Security and Investigations is one of the largest independently owned, full-service security agencies in the U.S. Our holistic approach to security assures that each of our clients receive a complete and comprehensive solution to protect what is of value to them; whether it be a business, school, campus, job-site, equipment or more.

Holistic security systems created by American Security are layered programs, tailored for specific needs, and integrated into a client's risk management program. They include specific strategies consisting of:

  • Threat Identification
  • Physical Security
  • Guard Force
  • Technology Deployment
  • Protocol Development and Implementation
  • Training

Each component has a distinctive purpose and a cooperative role in the successful operation of the entire security apparatus.

American Security is a proactive organization that works with our clients on a continual basis reviewing and revising methods and systems, empowering clients with knowledge and training, and providing them with the peace of mind that their valuable people and places are secure.

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